These are the most popular sex toys for women

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Is it time to reinvigorate your sex life? If you want to spice things up in the boudoir, then a new sex toy could be exactly what you need. 

You may be looking for something to kickstart foreplay or a toy that will take you all the way to climax. One thing is for sure, if you’re ready to experience a toe-curling orgasm, then it’s time to start adding to your sex toy collection.

To make shopping easier, we’ve curated our list of the most popular sex toys for women. Read on to learn about the best sex toys on the market.

The best sex toys on the market

Approximately 41% of women over 18 use a sex toy at least once per week. Vibrators are always a favorite, but what style is the most popular? And, what other pleasure-enhancing toys are worth considering?

The Rabbit Vibrator

Chances are you’ve heard of the Rabbit. It’s a vibrator that’s been around since 1983, but it wasn’t until the late ’90s that women really started talking about it. The dual-functional, G-spot and clitoris stimulator was mentioned in the hit television series “Sex and the City” and became a fan favorite from there.

Made from durable, hypoallergenic silicone, the Rabbit comes with a large, curved shaft for vaginal insertion. While your G-spot is being stimulated, the “rabbit’s ears” tickle your clitoris. This is for those who want to feel it all at the same time.

Want more? Some models come with a beaded probe for anal play, targeting three pleasure centers at once! Rabbit vibrators can be fully submersible, with multiple vibration speeds and patterns.

The Cock Ring

If you have a partner, a cock ring is a good way to introduce sex toys to your relationship. Despite the name, the inexpensive cock ring can give pleasure to both parties. This is a subtle toy made from stretchy, soft plastic, that slides down for use during lovemaking.

While it will add another level to his erection, a vibrating design that stimulates the clitoris will be a win for her as well. It will be a firm fit, so always use a water-based lubricant when slipping it onto the base of his penis. 

Vibrating cock rings will usually only have one speed setting. You can mix things up or masturbate by using it as a vibrating finger ring. 

The Butt Plug

When anal play is done right, it can give you a more intense orgasm. For those who enjoy stimulation from behind, a butt plug is a good addition to your sex toy collection. With a flat base and curved bulb, a butt plug slides inside and stays there, teasing your nerve endings.

A butt plug can be placed inside in the lead-up to sex, getting you in the mood long before you take off your clothes. Or, it can be used for solo play or combined with other sex toys. You should always use lubricant before inserting, and take it slow until you get used to it. 

Butt plugs are commonly made from silicone, and some come with a vibration option. Alternatively, there are metal and glass options available for unique texture sensations.

The Wrist Cuffs

If you want to try some gentle bondage with your partner, start with a pair of wrist cuffs. These can be fluffy, faux leather, or velcro, depending on your personal preference. 

Find a style that feels comfortable and is not too tight. You should feel submissive yet sexy and sensual. You can take turns being in control by switching places to keep things fresh in the bedroom.

Pair with a cheeky costume or blindfold and live out your fantasies. For those who want to progress to the next stage, you can add ankle cuffs for extra naughtiness.

The Love Egg

What’s a Love Egg? It’s a silicone, curved, egg-shaped toy made especially for women. It’s designed for insertion but can be rubbed on other parts of your body. It’s suitable for both beginners and those who have experience using sex toys. The features do vary between models, but you can expect different vibration speeds and a rechargeable battery. 

Some Love Eggs can be operated with a remote control or phone app. So, if you have a partner, they can control it from anywhere. Most of these toys can be submersible for use in the bath or shower, helping you relax and unwind.

A good Love Egg will be quiet and discreet, and they come in a range of colors including black, purple, and pink. 

The Glass Dildo

You have probably heard of dildos, and you may even have one in your sex toy collection. But have you considered a glass dildo? These firm, insertable toys will give you a unique sensation and take your senses into overdrive. Glass dildos can be used to hit the G-spot or for anal play, and often have ridges for added stimulation.

Some women enjoy the sensation of a warm or cold glass dildo. For example, you can place it in the fridge or under warm water before use. Before insertion, remember to apply a water-based lubricant.  

Glass dildos are hygienic and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for busy women.

Take Your Orgasm to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your orgasm to the next level? It’s time to invest in the most popular sex toys for women.

We gave you a rundown of what is hot, including rabbit vibrators, love eggs, cock rings, glass dildos, wrist cuffs, and butt plugs. There is something for everyone, whether you are in a relationship or looking for a product you can use alone. 

Sex toys come in a range of styles, sizes, and shapes, and there are toys for beginners and toys for those who want to add to their growing collection. With the options on our list, you will stimulate all of your “hot spots” and add some spice to your sex life.

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