6 of the best vibrating dildos to try (solo or with a partner)

vibrating dildos

Do you want a sex toy that fills you up and vibrates for orgasmic-inducing stimulation? If you want the best of both worlds, look no further than the vibrating dildo. 

Vibrating dildos give you more options in the bedroom. If you’re single, get one for yourself and insert it, rub it on your clitoris, or experiment with anal play. If you’re in a relationship, put on a show for your partner or take turns satisfying each other.

Most vibrating dildos come with a range of settings, and they can be rechargeable and waterproof. Remember to always use water-based lubricant before inserting for a more comfortable, sensual experience. 

To help you find the right vibrating dildo for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best vibrating dildos.

The Best Vibrating Dildos on The Market

If you like the sound of a vibrating dildo, it’s time to start shopping. Now that we have your attention, get ready to take your pleasure to the next level. Here are the six best vibrating dildos on the market.

1. The Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Unlike most vibrators, dildos give you the look and feel of the real thing. While some come in bright colors, others have a natural appearance. If you want the veined texture and shape of the male anatomy with the perks of vibration, try a realistic vibrating dildo.  

Realistic vibrating dildos come in flesh colors such as pink and brown. Common materials include silicone and soft plastic, with lengths ranging up to 8 inches. Some even come with a suction cup base and thrusting action for those who want the full experience.

You can expect multiple vibration settings and patterns. Look for a design that’s fully submersible for use in the shower.

2. The Strap On Vibrating Dildo

When you purchase a vibrating dildo, check whether it is harness compatible. This means it can be used as a strap-on, so you can mix things up with a partner. Made from flexible, hypoallergenic silicone, the strap-on is ideal for both vaginal and anal play.

Some styles will come with balls at the base, while others are smooth and sleek. Choose your preferred length and girth, and get ready to fulfill your fantasies. Look for a design that can be charged via USB.

Feeling naughty? Try a double penetration vibrating strap-on with two separate shafts.

3. The Remote Control Vibrating Dildo

The next vibrating dildo on our list comes with a convenient remote control feature. You can change the vibration pattern in an instant without having to fumble around looking for a button on the end.

These designs usually come with a suction cup base for a hands-free experience. They can be waterproof, rechargeable, and have a selection of speeds and patterns to choose from.

Like the other dildos on our list, rechargeable vibrators are made from silicone or soft plastic. You can expect up to 8 inches with a girth of 5 inches. 

4. The Tickler Vibrating Dildo

Get twice the pleasure with a tickler vibrating dildo. With a curved, flexible shaft, a smooth head, and a bonus tickler, all of your needs will be met with this one toy. 

This vibrating tickler dildo stimulates your G-spot and gently rubs against your clitoris. Choose your favorite vibration speed and pattern and get set as your body prepares for a climax.

The tickler comes in a range of fun colors including purple, pink, and blue. The controls are usually on the bottom of the device, and you can expect these toys to be fully submersible for bathtime play. They are made from either silicone or soft plastic.

5. The Novelty Vibrating Dildo

If you want a sex toy with personality, think about a novelty vibrating dildo. These have all the features you would expect, such as a thick shaft and multiple vibration settings. But there is one difference. These fun dildos will make a statement in your sex toy collection.

What are novelty vibrating dildos? They include things ike glow-in-the-dark dildos, color-changing dildos, and rainbow-colored dildos. These cheeky toys will be sure to make you smile and put a unique twist on your bedroom play. 

You can even buy DIY vibrating dildos that use a mold to create the shape and size of your partner’s manhood. Your novelty dildo still needs to be body-safe, so look for one that is made from silicone or high-quality soft plastic. 

6. The Big Girth Vibrating Dildo

Experienced sex toy users may be looking for something bigger than average. If this sounds like you, look no further than the big girth vibrating dildo.

These sex toys have a thick shaft to fill you up and often come with a suction cup base for hands-free fun. The suction needs to be attached to a hard surface such as the floor or a wall. 

Designs can be up to 10 inches long, with a huge girth of 8 inches. Even if you can barely wrap your hand around it, the challenge of insertion will be enough to excite you.

Big girth vibrating dildos can be realistic or brightly colored and come in different materials such as silicone, PVC, and soft plastic.

Feel Those Good Vibrations

We have told you about the six best vibrating dildos on the market. The list includes the realistic vibrating dildo, the strap-on vibrating dildo, the remote control vibrating dildo, the tickler vibrating dildo, the novelty vibrating dildo, and the big girth vibrating dildo.

When you choose a vibrating dildo, you will get the benefits of a long shaft for insertion and the arousing properties of a vibrator. Make sure it is made from hypoallergenic materials and always use lubricant before inserting.

These dildos are usually waterproof, and some come with suction cups, a harness, and USB recharging. Whether it glows in the dark, has a remote control, or has a veined shaft to replicate the real thing, one thing is for sure. Your vibrating dildo will be one of your favorite toys in your collection.

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