The best glass dildos for solo or partnered play

glass dildos

Glass dildos are like the Picasso of sex toys — they’re beautifully designed, allow for easy insertion, and deserve the same love and affection you’ve been giving the rest of the toys in your nightstand. If you’re intimidated by the thought of using a glass dildo, this buyer’s guide is for you. Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a glass dildo. 

What is a glass dildo? 

A glass dildo is exactly what it sounds like: a glamorous version of the original, iconic dildo. They’re made from non-porous, body-safe materials and can be heated up or cooled down for sensation play. (Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions!)

Despite their art-like appearance and durability, however, glass dildos have somehow remained the underdog of dildos ​​— which is ridiculous, considering their versatility and aesthetic appeal. 

Is using a glass dildo safe?

When it comes to experimenting with glass sex toys, many couples wonder: “What if it breaks inside of me or my partner?” The quick and easy answer to this is, it won’t! As long as you purchase the toy from a manufacturer who can answer any questions you may have about what it’s made of, you should be okay. Most, if not all, (high-quality) glass toys are made from a super durable material known as borosilicate glass. 

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that can handle extreme temperatures; it’s what Pyrex kitchenware is made from! Soda-lime glass, however, is prone to chipping. So be sure to double-check the materials before making a purchase. 

“Glass sex toys can be safe but you really do have to be careful; I can’t emphasize that enough,” says Chelsea Ferguson, the founder of the adult content platform, AdmireMe VIP. “You need to make sure you’re investing in a high-quality glass dildo,” Ferguson adds. “If it’s poorly made it could shatter. You should also avoid painted or ‘coated’ glass dildos at all costs; these coatings — whilst they might look pretty — can contain dangerous toxins. Basically, they might react with your skin which you don’t want!” 

Tips on how to use glass dildos 

As mentioned, glass dildos are super versatile and can be used during solo or coupled play. Incorporating a glass dildo into your sex life is a fun and easy way to spice up foreplay or experiment with temperature or sensation play. 

“Insertable glass toys can be used vaginally, or anally if they have a flared base,” says Justyn Hintze, sexologist and director of Women Who Tech. “A flared base is a flange at the base of a toy that is at least two inches wider in diameter than the toy itself — this is to prevent the anal sphincters from pulling the toy into the depths of your booty (only to be removed by a medical professional).”

To avoid cross-contamination, consider using a glass butt plug or purchasing one glass dildo for vaginal play and one glass anal dildo. Be sure to clean your toys with soap and water (you can also use a toy cleaner like Afterglow Wipes) after each use to ensure your and your partner’s safety. 

“The simplest way to clean a glass dildo is to wash it with warm water and soap,” says Dainis Graveris, a certified sex educator and relationship expert at SexualAlpha. “Rinse well, wipe it, and let it air dry. Make sure that the water is not too hot as glass dildos retain heat easily,” Graveris adds. “Another way is to fill a bowl with water and a little bleach and leave your glass dildo into the mix for 10 to 15 minutes. Wear gloves when you take it out of the mix and rinse thoroughly. Next, wash with mild antibacterial soap and rinse again.” 

The best glass dildos on the market   

Purchasing any sex toy is an intimate and personal experience. It’s important to find a toy that is not only safe for your body, but that makes you happy as well. When choosing a glass dildo, there are a few things you should pay attention to: 

  • Glass type 
  • Shape 
  • Length and girth 
  • Color 

If you plan to use your glass dildo for anal play, you’ll want to make sure it has a flared base (see above!). With that being said, here are six options to choose from. 

Elara Glass G-Spot Dildo by JimmyJane 

The Elara Glass G-Spot Dildo by JimmyJane is a high-end, ribbed glass dildo that’s handcrafted to hit all the right places. Made from non-porous, borosilicate glass, this toy is both body- and dishwasher-safe. Bonus: It’s absolutely gorgeous as it features JimmyJane’s signature, pink color. 

NS Novelties Glass Heart Dildo

If you’re on a budget, the NS Novelties Glass Heart Dildo is a safe and affordable choice. This clear glass dildo has a unique pink heart-shaped handle and comes with a decorative storage case to match. Thanks to its curvy shape and tapered tip, this toy can be used for vaginal or anal play. It’s also compatible with any lubricant. 

Icicles No. 24 Glass Tentacle Dildo 

The Icicles No. 24 Glass Tentacle Dildo is a fantasy glass dildo designed to give you an intense, textured orgasm. With this toy, users can massage the interior walls of their vagina while targeting their G-spot or embrace its tongue-shaped shaft, nubs, and ribbed exterior anally. Just don’t forget the lube! 

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

If you’re looking for length, Lovehoney’s Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo is the best beaded glass dildo on the market. It’s affordable, versatile (it can be used vaginally, anally, or for a sensual massage), works with any type of lubricant, and it comes with its own storage pouch. You can also use this toy as a warm-up toy. This toy is a bit heavier than the others on this list, so you may need to use a firmer grip.  

Adam & Eve Candy Cane Glass Dildo  

Shake things up this holiday season with a Candy Cane Glass Dildo from Adam & Eve. Its smooth exterior makes it ideal for both vaginal and anal stimulation. Thanks to its handle-like shape, this festive glass dildo is easy to hold and perfect for teasing your partner’s G-spot or P-spot. 

Tracey Cox Dual-Ended Glass Dildo Set 

Get two toys for the price of one with the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set. This set features one clear glass dildo and one pink glass dildo. The clear dildo is smooth and designed with a gentle S curve for pleasuring the G-spot or P-spot, whereas the pink glass dildo features raised nodules for enhanced pleasure. Each dildo comes with its own velvet storage bag.

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