Sex toy storage 101: everything you need to know about keeping your toys safe

how to store sex toy

If your sex toys are stuffed in the top drawer of your nightstand or hidden underneath a random pillow on your bed, run to your bedroom and get them. Why? Because improperly storing your toys, using an incompatible lube, or not washing your toys could lead to serious problems for both you and your toys—like a possible infection or a shorter life span (for the toy, not you). 

If that last line freaked you out, take a deep breath and grab a pen because we’re about to give you a lesson in sex toy storage 101. (If you’ve yet to buy your first toy, kudos to you for doing your homework.) OK, here we go. 

Tip No. 1: Find a spot that’s clean and dry. 

The first rule to storing sex toys safely is to find a place that’s both clean and dry. If your toys are still wet or have visible residue on them, go wash them immediately. (A mild, unscented soap and warm water will do. Once they’re washed, make sure that they’re 100 percent DRY. Storing toys that are still wet from cleaning or use could lead to a build-up of bacteria, which isn’t good for anyone—not you, your partner, or your toys! 

If you own any battery-powered toys, remove the batteries until you’re ready to use the toy. Alkaline batteries, if left alone for long enough, will eventually leak and could damage one or all of your toys, if they’re stored together. 

After you’ve triple-checked that your toys are clean, dry, and devoid of batteries, search for a place that’s discreet and easily accessible. Bonus points if you can find a place that’s roomy enough to store your accessories too (lubes, crops, handcuffs, etc.). Storing toys under a dusty bed frame or in a crumb-filled drawer is a definite no-no. So, if you’re unable to part ways with your goodie drawer, just make sure it’s clean before you decide to rehome your intimate items there. 

Tip No. 2: Take stock of your collection. 

Finding a place to keep your toys is one thing, but finding a box or case to hold them all is a whole other animal. Before you can choose a fancy pleasure chest to hide your goodies, you’ll need to ensure that they’ll fit. If your collection is small, you may not need a storage box—a dust bag or storage pouch may do just fine. 

Go ahead and measure all of your toys. Pay attention to their shape, size, and function. (You’ll want to keep anal and vaginal toys separated.) If you notice any irregularities (like broken seems or marks, you may need to part ways. 

Tip No. 3: Decide on whether or not you need a storage bag, case, or both. 

Now that you know exactly what you have (and each toy’s dimensions), it’s time to find something to actually store the toys in. This decision will largely depend on the number and types of toys you own, the material that they’re made of, and your living situation (i.e. are there kids or pets in the house, do you have roommates, etc.). If your apartment or home is filled with roommates, pets, or children, you may need to get creative. 

“It’s important to get your privacy expectations clear to anyone in your living situation—it’s easier to maintain privacy if you live alone,” says Carol Queen, Ph.D., staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. “That said, there are cute locking boxes that you can use for keeping your toys safe—this is a great option for travel too.” 

If you have a large collection, it may be a good idea to keep your toys separate from one another. The best way to do this is to put each toy in a dust bag (dust bags come with most toys) and then keep those dust bags in a dark, cool box or case. 

Need help finding a storage bag or case for your toys? Here are a few recommendations: 

Pro tip: When it comes to choosing a fabric or bag material, stick to cotton or polyester. Plastic bags could cause some unsightly issues later including fungi,  yeast, and mold. Yikes!
“The main thing is not to try too hard to hide your toys,” says Katie Lasson, sex and relationship advisor for Peaches and Screams. “It’s like a rule; the more effort you put into hiding your toys, the easier it is to find them.”

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