How to introduce your relationship to sex toys

So, you are looking at purchasing a sex toy with your partner but don’t know where to start? 

Well, first things first, let’s throw some sex toy myths out the window. Sex toys are made for everyone and anyone – whether you plan to use your sex toy solo, partnered, or multi-partnered. Regardless of your genitalia, the pronouns you use, and however you label (or don’t label) your sexual identity, your perfect toy match is out there. 

Gone are the days of the stereotypes where you must be a desperately lonely singleton to even think about owning a sex toy. And there is a reason so many people swear by their friend on the nightstand — the benefits of masturbation are orgasmic and healthy

Shake the stigma and realize that expanding your sexual horizons is normal and not shameful, and adding sex toys such as cock rings and G-spot vibrators into the bedroom can help you be more direct and feel safe discussing your desires and fantasies. But your partner might need a little convincing.

Wanting to try something new in bed, including introducing sex toys, doesn’t mean your sex life is boring. Sex toys offer unique sensations that your partner can’t — unless they happen to have a vibration setting or they can move their tongue at the speed of light. The sensations don’t necessarily equate to better than partnered sex but they are uniquely wonderful.

How do I introduce the idea of using a sex toy with my partner?

Ease into the conversation

Avoid bulldozing your partner by pulling out a sex toy mid romp and enter the discussion cautiously as you don’t want to bruise any egos. Your partner might not realize how sex toys can make sex great, so start the conversation off by opening up the dialogue about sex. You can mention you saw some rave reviews about a sex toy and how you’d love to try one with them. From there, pay attention to both verbal and non-verbal queues to gauge how they are feeling about the topic.

Discuss what you’d like to try together

Decide together what you would like to try and what you are both interested in. Maybe want to experiment with anal play or extra clitoral stimulation. If you both have different ideas in mind, come together to decide something you both will like. With so many sex toys on the market, you’re sure to find one to suit you and your partner perfectly.

You may opt for a vibrator, like Crescendo by MysteryVibe, which bends to specifically adapt to your unique body shape and accurately targets the G-spot and clitoris. It’s ideal for solo or partnered exploration since it can bend to your every desire to find those hard-to-reach spots that feel oh-so-good.

Alternatively, a couple’s ring-like Tenuto can ensure a stronger longer erection whilst also stimulating the labia and clitoris for the ultimate couple climax. If you want non-stop mutual pleasure then this is the sex toy for you, perfect for heating things up in the bedroom.

A successful session in the bedroom is one where you are both comfortable, happy and satisfied.

Reassure if they need it

Remind your partner that incorporating a sex toy into the bedroom is not a sign of sexual problems, but rather that you are looking to kick things up a gear and experience unique sensations. Focus on the positives of a sex toy rather than the negatives of your sex life (if there are any).

Make certain that they know the benefits of sex toys, how this could enhance your sex life in so many different ways. From stronger orgasms, stress release to cultivating positive feelings about your body. Discuss any uncertainties and ensure an entirely open dialogue at all times for the best experience possible.

What to expect from using sex toys with your partner

Inspire experimentation

Sex toys are a great place to start if you want to experiment in the bedroom. From BDSM to edging, sex toys could help you broaden your sexual desires. Let them inspire you to change things up from your usual sexual routine to sex positions. Learning what your body likes is amazing, and having your partner watch and understand it further is even better.  

Continue with open dialogue

A sex toy could be the start of kinkier sex, or it could just be the beginning of amazing sex. It will inspire you to be more open when discussing your fantasies and desires. Which in turn will help you feel closer to your significant other. What happens in the bedroom translates to outside the bedroom so you may find yourself being more open and trusting than ever before.

Help you orgasm

There is a reason sex toys and vibrators are so popular — they deliver powerful vibrations that can push you over the edge to orgasmic ecstasy. With research suggesting that women have significantly fewer orgasms than men — close the orgasm gap with extra stimulation. You might even achieve the elusive couple’s climax as you are both hits with sensations that’ll help you get off.

Check out MysteryVibe’s line of award-winning vibrators to help heat up your time in the bedroom.

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